Politique d'expédition

When will I get my order?
Usually, it takes 3–8 days to prep your order for takeoff before it jets out. Flight time depends on your location and runway conditions, but can be estimated as follows:

USA: 3–4 business days
Europe: 6–8 business days
Australia: 2–14 business days
Japan: 4–8 business days
International: 10–20 business days

Do you ship to my address?
Most of our products take off worldwide, except for certain items (like yoga mats and tripod lamps) that prefer to stick to the United States. You'll see if your product is a homebody in the product description. 

How much is shipping?
We're happy to share that most of our products take flight with complimentary US shipping! However, for a select few items, shipping costs may apply, depending on the product and your landing zone. If your shopping cart includes items from different skyways, expect separate packages with varying shipping charges. You'll find information about free US shipping specified on the product page!

Will I be charged customs for my order?
International flights sometimes come with added customs and tax fees. Unfortunately, this flight control isn't in our hands. Each country has its own customs protocol, so we suggest checking with your local customs office to ensure a smooth landing for your purchases.

My order should be here by now, but I still don't have it. What should I do?
Before flagging us down, run a few pre-flight checks:

  • Review your shipping confirmation email for any sneaky typos in your GPS coordinates.
  • Chat up your local post office to see if they've landed your package.
  • Knock on your neighbor's hangar door - the delivery crew might have dropped it there.
If your address was spot on and the package isn't playing hide and seek, ping us at support@lapilotgirl.com with your order number.